Artist: Georgia
Title: Immute
Format: 12 inch vinyl (incl. download)
Release date: June 7th 2019
Cat no: EKS018
Edition: 500

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Introducing IMMUTE by Georgia. The New York duo of Brian Close and Justin Tripp have been releasing music from their Chinatown studio, since 2012. Under the alias Georgia they make a sound which combines tech and tradition. Their compositions created by two hits of improvisation. Where live jams are further edited and processed. Gracing labels such as Belgium’s Meakusma, and London`s FTD. Producing super limited cassettes for France`s Good Morning Tapes, and Kashual Plastik in Germany. These global collaborations reflecting Georgia’s particular reworking of the “World Music” genre. Their approach resulting in the acclaimed All Kind Music, on NYC`s Palto Flats, and participation in Emotional Response`s respected Schleißen Series. Now comes Immute, for Ekster.


A1. Amphistoc
A2. Teccmonc
A3. Bendires Trasher
B1. Endocrync (Museo De La Revolucion)
B2. High Light
B3. Aoesdawas

Amphistoc is an idiophone deconstruction. Where steel tongues are struck, and microtones ring. Keys whistling like woodwinds in a hyperreal virtual landscape. One of machine-made “organics”. Like a 3D-printed rainforest. On Tecmonc a gamelan orchestra resonates. Rippling like wind chimes. While binary buzzes, disrupt its data stream, and busy molecules fall in bit-mapped showers. Bendires Thrasher focuses on the voice. Creates a choir of manipulated gender. Their sighs rising on currents of vapor-like drift. Endocrync shimmies, rumbas, shakes its arse. A percussive sound design Samba. Cutting up field-recorded chatter. Its hardware honking like Free-Jazz skronk. High Light Filter blows on a Blues harp, and overheard conversations are rearranged into a Psychedelic symphony. Blasted by a bottom-end heavy post-drum-and-bass battery. A Mutant Motorik of pin-point precision percussion. The closing Aoesdawas marks a return to the serene. A gentle peal of bells, as if buoyed by the tides. Its heart still beating irregular after the rush.

These creative combinations akin to automatic writing, and painting. Unlocking a Surreality that lies within the real, but which cannot normally be perceived. Constructing curious Cubist / Futurist shapes. The sonic equivalent of Dali`s attempts to visualize Quantum Mechanics. Chemical reactions. Like opening the drawers of the Giraffe Venus. Ransacking The Anthropomorphic Cabinet. (words: Robert Harris)

All music produced & mixed by Brian Close & Justin Tripp. Additional saxophone & percussion on Endocrync by Gabe Druzzi. Mastered & Cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering. Pressed on 180g vinyl with Artwork by Georgia & Victor Robyn.

Artist: SFV Acid
Title: Fire Zone
Format: 12 inch vinyl (incl. poster & download)
Release date: May 7th 2019
Cat no: EKS017
Edition: 500

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Introducing FIRE ZONE by Zane Reynolds. Twelve tracks pressed on 180g vinyl coming out May 7th 2019, including 57x57cm poster. All music & artwork by the artist. Mastered & cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering.

The music of Zane Reynolds AKA SFV Acid celebrates lysergic life in small town America. His are urban hallucinations. Conceived in “business parks, strip malls”, in “blue collar luxury”. On a diet of “diner burgers”. From the self-released, hand-painted cassettes of his high school years, he has moved to work commissioned by locals 100% Silk, Japan`s Big Love, and Dutch imprint, BAKK. 


1. Minettes AC UNIT
2. Sipit
3. Enter My Block
4. 711 Beat
5. Transact
6. Startkick
7. Sepulveda Concrete
8. Westfield Topanga
9. Oops
10. Fixin
11. Ocho
12. Bridge Over Lazyboy

This album continues to reference Zane’s Los Angeles home, and in this case the devastation that rages there every Summer. The concept however, reaching away from the horror and flames, to offer an escape. There are moments, interludes, that hint at, and hide, something darker. Where drone twists from tape hiss. Bends. Out of shape. Where chords distort. Their degraded edges disintegrating. Charred perhaps? But Ai welcomes you to “San Fernando Valley”, and a low-riding 808 booms. Less L.A. More Overtown, or Liberty City. Its racing booty bass calmed by wind chimes. The rapid Electro-Funk clip countered by modal synths. Its sunny disposition reflecting the SFV climate.

Playful rhymes, fragmented dialogue, and answer phone messages, rub up against Rave sirens. Roland`s silver box squeezes out a Sci-Fi Jazz. Through ping-ponging percussion. Through a drum and bass battery. Punched by keys that wanna be horns. Rewinds that create a bin-blowing vacuum. Shore-line samples washing the more head-nodding tempos. Euphoria rising while a perfect beat pops and locks. (words: Robert Harris)

Artist: Milan W.
Title: Envelope
Format: 12 inch vinyl (incl. download)
Release date: 6th of June 2018
Cat no: EKS016
Edition: 500

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Presenting “Envelope”. Album written, produced & mixed by Milan W. and pressed on 180g vinyl, to be released on the 6th of June 2018. With foil-stamped cover-drawing by Gerard Herman. Mastered & cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering. 


A1: Slope
A2: Astma
A3: Orchestral
A4: In Limbo

B1: Heraldic Snippets
B2: Slow Runner
B3: Glaasjes
B4: Malady

The harlequin turns the handle. The contraption sucks in air, and breathes. Blows out tone poems. Wordless ballads that soundtrack enchanted scenarios. Issues forth magic. A sorcerer`s apprentice casting its spell. Animating the inanimate. To everything a life. Sets the frozen fluttering. Pirouetting in red shoes. Illuminates what was dark. Astma sings a Gamelan lullaby. Summons comforting angels to a post-Industrial landscape. Glaasjes has Jazz ghosts inhabit an empty bar room. Spirits stealing excuse-me`s under its deserted spot. In Limbo amplifies their whispers. Lead soldiers court jewellery-box ballerinas behind shuttered shop fronts. On Heraldic Snippets, a tin infantry marches. Ten thousand men up to the top, and back down again. Keys make-believing that they are massed brass and fife.

The bellows pump, and the pipes all the while wheezing. An automaton philharmonic at the bidding of a steam-punk master. Analogue and digital. Clockwork and glitch. Malady finds sounds isolated, extrapolated, mutated. Orchestral`s organ-grinder moves with urgency, and alchemy. Spinning straw into gold. Snare rolls become bubbling mercury. Metallic, yet fluid. Racing at the speed of flight and escape. Slope is the music of water chasing through crystal caves. Slow Runner, a funeral crawl. Shoved into motion by a drama of strings remembered.

Like the charismatic Rat-Catcher of Hamelin, the harlequin turns the handle, and we bang the cup.  (Text by Robert Harris —

Artists: various (see tracklist)
Title: EXO3
Format: 2 x 12 inch vinyl (incl. download)
Release date: 28th of November 2017
Cat no: EKS015
Edition: 500

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All tracks written and produced by the artists stated underneath. Double 12" vinyl (180g) released in an edition of 500 with printed inner sleeves & download cards. Mastered by Frederic Alstadt at Ångstrom mastering. Sleeve by Victor Robyn.

Suzanne Kraft's track premiered on XLR8R.
Read a review on Resident Advisor.


A1. Hiele — Birdwatching
A2. Polysick — Misolidio
A3. Rembrandt Redandt — Blankenberge
A4. Soft Focus — Momentum

B1. Aloïs R. — Twee Beren
B2. Milan W. — Glaasjes
B3. Fregnacciarius — Ferragosto
B4. Elko B. — Verletztes Reh
B5. Hantrax — Walking With Raven

C1. Jonny Nash — Head Is Clearer
C2. Gigi Masin — Starshine

D1. Suzanne Kraft — Still Sick
D2. Hiele — Buchla For Sunday
D3. Componium Ensemble — Kats
D4. Roger 3000 — Nuptiale

Presenting the 3rd edition of our EXO series. The Exoskeleton.

The world outside resonants metallic. Its activity humming calm harmonics. I am in stasis. Liquified. Receiving alien signals. Unseen universes translated into sound. Notes bend like light reflected in a curved, hard surface. Sine waves as my sinews stretch. Muscles form and tie. Limbs from this soup. Pain is not the word for it. This flux. I am detached from my body. I listen to it bubble and evolve. Guessing at my shape. Serene. Yet I grow impatient. Anxious to be free as the world vibrates. I have my life to be getting on with after all. How long have I been in here? What will I find when I emerge? Celebrations? Or stamped on like a roach? Will I be wonderful with colour and wingspan? Dancing for a mate. I wonder as I wait and change. Change and wait. Would I be content on a diet of dirt? It goes like this. My thoughts in circles. Dream chasing worry. Worry chasing dream. Waiting to be reborn. Maybe I`ll soar. Riding warm swells on Summer days. Or will I dwell in the dark? No use for eyes. Only smell. Tasting the air for a sense of direction. Will I find myself one of a hive? Or will I remain alone? Expanding to crack this shell. Forcing myself out into the sun. Everything rings different in the light. I am slow in the warmth. A breeze drying my soft skin. Transforming it. Tempering it to steel. Polishing it until it shines. You can see your face in it. But I can`t see mine. Still left to suppose the presence I present. Old friends won`t recognise me. And I won`t recognise them. Remixed, remodelled, restructured. Bold explorers discovering purpose anew. Before all I did was eat. First steps I stumble. Unsure of how many legs I`ve got. The Sun seems to sing her reassurance. Her welcome. My joints clank and rattle. Like those of a machine. I move stiff and robotic, but swiftly now. Here comes the rain. Heaven cracks back to throw its shower against my armour and I feel invincible, immortal. Impenetrable in the private fortress of this exoskeleton. Shrugging off a god`s tears. Blood races. Oxygen pumps. What passes for a heart, this heart, is strong. With no measure of time, I busy myself with the business of being alive. (Text by Robert Harris —

Artist: Hantrax
Title: Gazebo Compositions
Format: 12 inch vinyl (incl. download)
Release date: 5th of July 2017
Cat no: EKS014
Edition: 300

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Written and performed by Hantrax. Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering Berlin. Pressed on (180g) 12inch black vinyl with a video still cover taken from “De Koninklijke serres van Laken 1877-1902” made by Jef Cornelis in 1974. Hantrax' Eyes are silk-screened on the transparant over-sleeve.


A1. Improvisation
A2. Composition in Cmin
A3. Dor de Casă
A4. Oh Dear

B1. Composition in Gmin
B2. Gazebo
B3. Conservatory
B4. End Theme

Han Swolfs turns our senses to more classic and jazz infused pieces, improvised almost entirely on winged piano. “Gazebo Compositions” can be considered a resting point after Han’s more energetic electronic releases and grasps back to his roots. Inspired by a video-work by Jef Cornelis, Han translates moods and impressions of memories of his youth and his relation to the artist using a technique similar to Ecriture Automatique. Each note sprouts inspiration for the next one and composes the full story with uppers and downers. Belgian duality in it’s bloom for this summer release.