Artist: DMX Krew
Title: The New Age travellers
Format: 12 inch vinyl (incl. download)
Release date: 13th of June 2016
Cat no: EKS009
Edition: 400

Vinyl Sold out.
Digitally Available.

We’re thrilled to present DMX Krew’s release on the label for the occasion of the label’s third anniversary. Thirteen new tracks on this 12 inch vinyl called “The New Age Travellers”, to be released in an edition of 400 copies on the 13th of June 2016 (download-cards incl). Full color printed inner- and outer-sleeves with photo’s by Dave Fawcett.

"The New Age Travellers" moves your senses back and forward through time. From 80’s SCi-Fi back to Scott’s early 50’s experiments. The perfect soundtrack for bedrooms, late night dinners and greenhouses. Ed Dmx contributes to a tradition in musical history, a richly vivid trail in which composers influence each other’s harmonies and ways of writing tunes, like an endless ping-pong game between minds and individuals but at the same time between continents and places throughout the world.

This record shows an intimate side of Ed's many productions. A story told through short synthesized conversations and electric piano improvisations reminding us to cry, laugh, dream, live ... and love.

Track list:

A1: Approach To Stonehenge
A2: Nightdrive A303
A3: Ritual
A4: After The Battle
A5: Engine Trouble
A6: Bedford YRQ
A7: Family Time

B1: Dayride A303
B2: Strange Creatures
B3: The Horsedrawn
B4: Wiltshire Sunrise
B5: Winter Months
B6: Final Credits