Artists: various (see tracklist)
Title: EXO
Format: 2 x 12 inch vinyl (incl. download)
Release date: 7th of December 2015
Cat no: EKS007
Edition: 400

Sold Out

Shut your eyes for a moment and listen to the music of EXO. The day is fully awake and yet it seems the whole world is sleepy. It is this feeling of sultry drowsiness tinged with passion that is evocative of all that is EXO. This record, effortlessly, will accompany you on an imagined journey through a schizophrenic land- and soundscape, where reality surpasses every exotic fiction.
Ekster is thrilled to present it’s first compilation album pressed on a double black 12” 180 grams vinyl, coming out 7th of December 2015. Released in an edition of 400 with printed inner sleeves & download cards included. Mastered by Frederic Alstadt at Ångstrom mastering. Artwork by Victor Robyn.

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Track list:

A1: Milan W. — Capella
A2: Hiele — Apax Pernod
A3: Bear Bones Lay Low — Vestida De Fuego

B1: Tito R. — Minuit
B2: RHVR — Cactus Before Sundown
B3: Mittland Och Leo — Trooper
B4: DSR Lines — Uitval

C1: Polysick — Egeria
C2: Lieven Martens Moana — Tradewind

D1: Jack N. Riot — Waking Up Volt
D2: Imdaud — Wentira Kakula
D3: Hantrax — Oh Dear