Artists: various (see track list below)
Title: EXO2
Format: 2 x 12 inch vinyl (incl. download)
Release date: 14th of December 2016
Cat no: EKS011
Edition: 500

Sold out

Continuing the EXO series with this second edition, to soothe your monkey mind from the hassles of this hectic world. Another double 12 inch (180g) containing 15 tracks by the artists stated underneath. Released in an edition of 500 with printed inner sleeves & download cards included. Mastered by Frederic Alstadt at Ångstrom mastering. Sleeve by Victor Robyn.

Fall 2016. Listening to a tune of your choice is only a gesture away. A gentile touch activates the translation from binaries to sounds and lights. In the blink of an eye the cloud provides connects and follows us everywhere. Wireless handhold devices that shine their light upon us became our companions and they know our likes. The whole world seems to be in reach and we gaze at the dreams and actions of others wile waiting for traffic-lights to switch color. Never before was waiting so comfy.
Plastics surround us in so many forms and products, they became a normal substance in our daily lives. It’s almost forgotten that in the core of their refined substance they are exotic. Synthetically composed so nearby that it takes a closer look or the gaze of a child to see the curiosity in all its shapes and colors
EXO2 is a delicious selection of exotics that will grow on you the more you water them and give them the fresh grounding of your soul. May we kindly invite all listeners to adjust their velocity and let the music take over for there is a tantalizing glimpse of another world to be explored in each rhythmic harmony. Enjoy the journey! (Text by Raphaël Vandeputte.)


A1: Elko B. — Sai Azul (macho)
A2: RHVR — Shady Palm
A3: RHVR — RH-6
A4: Dijf Sanders — SandWitches

B1: Shuffle Orch. — Bries
B2: Fregnacciarius — Untitled
B3: Milan W. — Vermona
B4: Polysick — Malacca Cane

C1: Ssaliva — Safe
C2: Hantrax — Improvisation
C3: ARE — 220 West
C4: Tyrone Douglas — Portrait

D1: Mathieu Serruys — Plaine Morte
D2: Panabrite — Canopy
D3: Orphan Fairytale — Garden Of Eva