Artist: HIELE
Title: Saints (OST)
Format: 10 inch vinyl (incl. download)
Release date: 16th of November 2016
Cat no: EKS010
Edition: 300

Vinyl sold out.
Available digitally here.

Specks of land in the vast infinite sea, Islands have long fascinated the human imagination. Distant and isolated worlds offer possibilities of escape and create fears of entrapment. The tiny island of Saint Helena is so remote, it lies a five-day boat journey from the nearest mainland.

Oddly exotic & gently paced, Hiele’s soundtrack drags the listener into eleven pastorales bulking of fragile sustained breaths of melody. Accents of resonating strings, airy playfulness & almost sacred fragments of droning nature drive on the repeating instrumentarium of clarinet, double bass and various electronics.

All music written, produced and mixed by Roman Hiele. Clarinet played by Valgerður Sigurðardóttir. Mastered by Frederic Alstadt at Ångström mastering. Cover photo by Sylvie De Weze.

Track list:

A1: Nature Saints
A2: Duimpiano
A3: Saints
A4: Weerballon
A5: Schip en Container

B1: School
B2: Afscheid
B3: Drone
B4: Explosie
B5: Uitzicht
B6: Moestuin

“Saints” the documentary film takes the viewer onto a voyage of discovery. An exploration of isolation and the impact that it can have on a small society. As the construction of the long awaited airport begins, the Saints wonder how their lives will change as the high-end eco-tourists start to arrive.