Title: NLeZ7tnzzjTXBsMtD1OO0xPEZ0MmnSKsGZA/yHfSV1gfKH+//xR9oW+uUJO4i3N0lRghdsuEoRSOKjJMZApfoA==
Format: 10 inch vinyl ( + vacuum packed tea
Release date: 16th of March 2015
Cat no: EKS005
Edition: 200

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Selected as one of the best record sleeves of 2015 by The Vinyl Factory. Article on The Fader here
Review on The Vinyl Factory here
Read an interview with TCF here
Talk to TCFX here

Ekster is pleased to present EKS005 from the Norwegian product TCF.
This white 10” inch vinyl record titled “NLeZ7tnzzjTXBsMtD1OO0xPEZ0MmnSKsGZA/yHfSV1gfK
H+//xR9oW+uUJO4i3N0lRghdsuEoRSOKjJMZApfoA==” comes in an edition of 200 copies with 15 grams of Shiu Xian (水仙茶) from the Wuyi Mountains. Vacuum packed in a silk-screened silver bag with download code. This record deals with his obsession with tea, the history of the tea trade and computational frameworks. Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering Berlin.